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Seychelles Offshore Company 

Seychelles Offshore - International Business Company (IBC)

Seychelles Offshore, known as seychelles IBC, by the definition of the law, is not subject to any tax or commitment on income or any emoluments. A shareholder of a Seychelles IBC is furthermore not subject to any tax on his emoluments derived from the IBC

Seychelles Offshore

Seychelles Offshore Company or IBC is similar to the most popular international business company, the BVI IBC, and in some respects even exceeds that benchmark model of offshore corporation. Since the introduction of the Seychelles International Business Companies Act in 1994, over 100`000 Seychelles IBC`s have been registered, with more than 600 new offshore companies being registered every month.

The formation, tax benefits and general structure of a Seychelles IBC is regulated by the Seychelles International Business Companies Act 1994


The names of directors and shareholders of a Seychelles IBC do not appear on the public record and when registering a new IBC, the Registrar of Companies does not require any data whatsoever on who is the actual beneficial owner of the new company. These details, such as the company’s beneficial owners, directors and shareholders are only known to the licensed Registered Agent of the company. Similarly the internal corporate files of the IBC are kept at the offices of the Registered Agent and are completely confidential.


Where any foreign governmental authority, by way of nationalisation, expropriation, confiscation, force or duress, or by imposition of any confiscatory tax, assessment or other governmental charge, takes or seizes any shares or other interest in a Seychelles IBC, a Seychelles court decision may be obtained ordering the company to disregard the attempted seizure and continue to respect the rights of the shareholder of the Seychelles IBC.

An IBC is a full bulletproof vehicle for your trade or investment. Just as for a GBC 2 in Mauritius, your assets is protected by Law.

Main characteristics of the Seychelles International Business Company
Income Tax and Business Tax in SeychellesNone
Conduct business InternationallyYes
Conduct business within SeychellesNo
Formally considered as resident in SeychellesNo
Official language / language of documentsEnglish
Minimum paid-up capitalNo minimum requirement
Minimum number of directorsOne
Minimum number of ShareholdersOne
Non Resident DirectorAllowed
Corporate DirectorAllowed
Registered Agent and Address in SeychellesRequired
Register of Members filed for public recordNo
Disclosure of beneficial owners to RegistrarNo
Corporate SealNot required
Keeping of accounting recordsRequired
Auditing of financial accountsNot required
Filing of financial accountsNot required
Subject to currency controls / restrictionsNo
Redomicile a foreign company into SeychellesYes
Redomicile a Seychelles company abroadYes
Net time to incorporate1-2 business days
Ready-made (shelf) companiesAvailable
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